How to Live, Eat, and Drink Like Your Favorite Writers

From a book excerpt on headlined “How To Live, Eat, and Drink Like Your Favorite Writers”:

Live Like Philip Larkin

My life is as simple as I can make it. Work all day, cook, eat, wash up, telephone, hack writing, drink, television in the evenings. I almost never go out. I suppose everyone tries to ignore the passing of time—some people by doing a lot, being in California one year and Japan the next. Or there’s my way—making every day and every year exactly the same. Probably neither works. –From Paris Review, 1982.

Drink Like Hunter S. Thompson

Nicholas Goldberg in the LA Times: “What history says about writers running for office”

From a Nicholas Goldberg column in the Los Angeles Times headlined “What history says about writers—like Nicholas Kristof and J.D. Vance—running for office”:

Lots of wannabes with no political experience are running for office these days.

Matthew McConaughey — yes, the actor — is considering a campaign for governor of Texas. Former decathlete and Wheaties spokesperson Caitlyn Jenner just ran in California’s gubernatorial recall. Andrew Giuliani, a former professional golfer whose only apparent political credential is that he’s Rudy’s son, has entered the race for governor of New York.