Words of the Year: Persuasion selects the words, concepts, and phrases that defined the past twelve months.

From a post by Persuasion headlined “Words of the Year”:

How do we sum up this fractious and virus-laden year? To round off 2021, Persuasion is proud to introduce a new “Words of the Year” annual feature, where we select the words, concepts, and phrases that—for good or for ill—defined the past twelve months.

The list was selected by a distinguished committee of Persuasion friends: Martin Eiermann, a sociologist and contributing editor at Persuasion; Jeffrey Eugenides, a best-selling novelist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction; John McWhorter, a Columbia University linguist and columnist for The New York Times; Yascha Mounk, Persuasion’s founder and editor-in-chief and a contributing writer at The Atlantic; and Emily Yoffe, a contributing writer at The Atlantic and former Slate columnist.