Jack Shafer: Why Journalists Love War

From a Jack Shafer Fourth Estate column on politico.com headlined “Why Journalists Love War”:

Some press corps members are so fired up, they’re almost ready to take up arms in the Ukraine fight.

NBC News reporter Richard Engel, a veteran foreign war correspondent, dropped a tweet a few days after the war began that appeared to lament that U.S. forces hadn’t strafed the huge Russian convoy approaching Kyiv, seemingly unimpressed that such a strike might launch World War III. Reporters didn’t call in bombers at White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s Monday briefing, but the tone of their repeated questions almost made it sound like they were advocating a no-fly zone and fresh jets for Ukraine. And the New York Post left no ambiguity about where they stood with its superpartisan “Fight Like Zel” cover headline.