Benjamin Dreyer: Why English Is Changing So Fast

From a Washington Post column by Benjamin Dreyer headlined “Why English is changing faster than you can say E-mail, e-mail, email”:

Benjamin Dreyer is Random House’s executive managing editor and copy chief and the author of “Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style.”

The Washington Post’s stylemeisters a few months ago quietly restyled the name of what is bringing you these words, from the “Internet” to the “internet.” I hope my hosts here will forgive me, but the switch, made long after many other publications had gone lowercase, put me in mind of Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese intelligence officer who, disbelieving that World War II had wrapped up in 1945, continued to stalk the Philippines for another 29 years before, finally, facing and accepting reality and surrendering.