Free Speech and Why Elon Musk Wants to Buy Twitter

From CJR’s The Media Today by Mathew Ingram:

ON APRIL 4, ELON MUSK filed a notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealing that he had acquired a 9.2-percent stake in Twitter. What followed was a somewhat bewildering series of announcements. Musk’s initial filing implied that he likely wouldn’t be an activist investor or push to join the company’s board, but that filing was later amended, at which point Twitter said he was joining the board. (Musk also filed his documents late, which some said enabled him to acquire shares more cheaply). Then, just as suddenly, Twitter said Musk wouldn’t be joining the board after all, prompting rumors that he might be planning to acquire the company. On April 14, Musk sent a letter to Twitter and filed a statement with the SEC detailing his plans to do exactly that, with an offer to buy all the outstanding shares for $43 billion.