If You Feel Better After the Midterms, Just Wait

From a column on politico.com by Jeff Greenfield headlines “If You’re Breathing a Sigh of Relief About the Midterms, Just Wait”:

If you’re in a celebratory mood today, you’ve got good reason. The fears — including my fears — about a wave of election-deniers sweeping into offices did not happen. Virtually every swing-state denialist candidate for governor, attorney general or secretary of state was defeated. Democratic governors in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will serve as bulwarks to keep their elections fair; Democrats actually gained control of the Legislature in Michigan, and Republicans did not win veto-proof majorities in Wisconsin or North Carolina. In every state where abortion was on the ballot, voters chose to protect it. And GOP Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert may go down to defeat, thus instantly raising the collective IQ of the House of Representatives.