Everything Important I Know I Learned at Summer Camp

From a Wall Street Journal story by Rich Cohen headlined “The Life Lessons of Summer Camp”:

From ages 6 to 12, I spent eight weeks every summer at Menominee, an all-boys camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin. I was taught archery at Menominee, how to shoot a rifle, roll a kayak, cross the lake on a single water ski, bus a table, operate a Lazy-susan, tell a ghost story, make a bed with hospital corners and mark a trail, but those are not the only things I learned. In the manner of a public school or army base, what I learned was usually not what was being taught. I learned how to form an alliance, survive a bully, win a fight against a stronger person, spark a softball rally, sneak off the grounds and into Eagle River taverns without leaving a trace, gamble, chew tobacco, throw a knife, dismember a daddy long legs, barter and bluff.