Michael Schaffer: Does Washington Society Have a Bottom?

From a new Capital City column on politico.com by Michael Schaffer headlined “Does Washington Society Have a Bottom? We Don’t Know Yet.”

As the clock ran out on the profoundly unfamiliar year of 2020, Washington settled—briefly, awkwardly—into a profoundly familiar Beltway ritual: a presidential transition. Appointees of the outgoing administration looked for onward employment. Partisans of the incoming president angled for position. Media types and professional operatives planned vacations, or at least contemplated time off from the Zoomified versions of their jobs. Sure, the defeated incumbent was refusing to concede, and the news featured stories about his team’s banana republic legal scheming. But in those days before January 6, a Washington desperate for a return to normal could look at the dance of careerism and see a reassuring harbinger.