Washington Post Announces New Leadership Team for National Staff

From the Washington Post:

Announcement from Executive Editor Sally Buzbee, Senior Managing Editor Cameron Barr, Managing Editor Steven Ginsberg, Managing Editor Tracy Grant, Managing Editor Krissah Thompson, and Chief Product Officer and Managing Editor Kat Downs Mulder:

We are very happy to announce a new leadership team for the National staff.

Matea Gold, the driving force behind many of The Post’s most impactful and high-profile stories, will become National editor, and Philip Rucker, one of the nation’s premier political reporters, will serve as deputy National editor.

Steven Ginsberg Named Managing Editor of Washington Post

From a Washington Post story by Paul Farhi headlined “Steven Ginsberg named managing editor of The Washington Post, rounding out senior management team”:

Steven Ginsberg, The Washington Post’s national editor who led the organization’s political coverage through the Trump years and helped propel the company to one of its most successful periods with reporting that brought Pulitzer Prizes along with enormous readership, was named as the paper’s new managing editor Thursday. In this position, Ginsberg will oversee the organization’s main news sections, including the National, Metro and Sports sections.

Washington Post Names Three New Deputy Managing Editors

From Washington Post Executive Editor Sally Buzbee, Senior Managing Editor Cameron Barr, Managing Editor Tracy Grant, Managing Editor Krissah Thompson and Managing Editor & Chief Product Officer Kat Downs Mulder:

Sharif Durhams, Monica Norton and Mark W. Smith will become deputy managing editors of The Washington Post. Each of these journalists brings a wealth of expertise and a record of accomplishment to these important new positions. We are excited about adding their energy and perspectives to the crucial task of directing the daily report across our platforms, overseeing our enterprise journalism and strengthening our capacity to cover breaking news in a way that prioritizes urgency and accessibility.

Kara Swisher Interviews Washington Post Editor Sally Buzbee: “I don’t want to be snarky in our journalism. I want people to feel that facts are front and center in what we present to them.”

From a post on niemanlab.org by Sarah Scire headlined “The Washington Post’s executive editor Sally Buzbee doesn’t want to “give up on any reader'”:

The Washington Post’s executive editor, Sally Buzbee, became the first woman to lead the venerable newsroom when she was hired in May.

In a new episode of “Sway,” her New York Times podcast, host Kara Swisher interviewed Buzbee about her future plans for the Post, her job interview with Post owner (and richest man on Earth but also space) Jeff Bezos, and how the news organization is thinking about missteps like the newsroom’s handling of reporter Felicia Sonmez and issuing corrections to its coverage of the Steele dossier.