The Washington Post Wants to Give You a Good Deal on a Digital Subscription—$50 a Year From Now Until 2072

From a story on by Joshua Benton headlined “The Washington Post wants to give you a good deal on a digital subscription—from now until 2072”:

Anybody have a guess at what a digital news subscription might cost in 2072?

First, of course, there’s the matter of inflation, a subject of renewed interest these days. In real dollars, $50 today is the equivalent of just $7.70 fifty years ago. In 1972, you could buy a dozen eggs, a pound of steak, and 10 pounds of potatoes for a grand total of $2.93, not the $18.25 they’d run you now. The median price for a new house was $27,000. If the next 50 years are like the last 50, a 2072 Big Mac will cost you $32.46 instead of $5.