Want to Fight Antisemitism? Embrace Jewish Traditions.

From a New York Times guest essay by Deborah E. Lipstadt headlined “Want to Fight Antisemitism? Embrace Jewish Traditions.”:

Ambassador Lipstadt currently serves as the State Department’s special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism abroad. She is on leave from Emory University, where she is a professor of modern Jewish history and Holocaust studies.

A few years ago, while teaching at Emory University, I noticed one of my students was wearing a kipa, or skullcap, something he had not done previously. Before I could consider whether to comment on his new attire, he pointed at his kipa and proudly — if not gleefully — proclaimed that, with antisemitism rising, he was intent on showing haters they could not frighten him. Rather than hiding, he told me, he would tell the world that he was a Jew.