Inside Ukraine’s Blackouts: Fraught Operations, Candlelit Concerts, Anger With Russia

From a Wall Street Journal story by Matthew Luxmoore headlined “Inside Ukraine’s Blackouts: Fraught Operations, Candlelit Concerts, Anger With Russia”:

KYIV, Ukraine—Doctors were operating on Ksenia Maikan’s 14-year-old son at a hospital in the capital last week when she heard two explosions and saw the lights in the surgery room go out.

Russia had fired another barrage of missiles at targets across Ukraine that morning, causing fresh power outages in major cities including the capital. Hospital staff scrambled to get patients and relatives to the bomb shelter, but Ms. Maikan chose to stay near her son, David, who was undergoing heart surgery for a congenital defect. The doctors continued to work as generators kicked in to power critical equipment and assistants shone lamps to illuminate the boy’s chest.

Ukraine Military Moves Forward in South With Little Resistance From Russia

From a New York Times story by Andrew E. Kramer headlined “Ukraine Moves Forward in South, With Little Resistance From Russia”:

SNIHURIVKA, Ukraine — The Ukrainian soldiers inched forward in their pickup truck, weaving between burned Russian military vehicles, keeping a lookout for mines and pushing deeper into territory vacated by the Russian Army just a few hours earlier.

On Thursday, a crystalline fall day, the soldiers drove uneventfully into town as the few remaining residents stood on the roadsides, waving and crying.