Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s Moments in the Spotlight

From CJR’s The Media Today with Jon Allsop:

LAST NIGHT, VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY, the president of Ukraine, posted a video message to Facebook, the first he’s known to have filmed inside his office in Kyivsince Russia invaded Ukraine late last month. Zelensky started by filming on a cellphone, angling the camera to show the view from his window before flipping it to show his face as he walked down a corridor. “We used to say that Monday is a hard day,” he said, closing a door behind him and sitting down behind a desk. As he finished the thought—“there is a war in the country, so every day is Monday”—the feed stopped coming from his phone. A fixed, wide-angle camera took over; Zelensky looked into it and spoke defiantly for several more minutes, insisting that he is not in hiding nor “afraid of anyone.”