CNN’s Late Night Stories About Ukraine and Russia

From CNN’s Reliable Sources:

“I was absolutely convinced I was going to die”

Stuart Ramsay, the chief correspondent for Sky News, was wounded when his crew came under fire in Ukraine on February 28. One month later, he is now recovering from surgery and talking about his harrowing experience. Ramsay and senior foreign producer Dominique Van Heerden spoke with me about how they fled the ambush; hid inside a warehouse for several hours; and evacuated the area with the help of Ukrainian police.

Latest on Ukraine and Russia

From CNN’s Reliable Sources:

“Appalled”at Axios

The White House spent much of Friday frustrated by an Axios report that it believes was based on a fabricated letter purportedly written by Ukraine’s top national security official. The Axios story, written by reporter Zachary Basu, said that Oleksiy Danilovhad asked the US earlier this month “to go beyond traditional military aid and provide the country with the funding, training and weaponry to support a long-term resistance movement.”

But Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova later told Axios that she believed the letter was “falsified.” And officials at the National Security Council also told Axios they have no record of receiving such a letter from Danilov.

Politico’s Afternoon Update on Ukraine and Russia

From Politico Playbook PM by Ryan Lizza, Eli Okun, and Garrett Ross:

TV TONIGHT — ABC’s David Muir has an exclusive interview with Ukrainian President VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY that will air on multiple shows and streaming platforms. Advance clip

BATTLEFIELD UPDATE — We just got off a zoom with a senior Defense Department official who provided an update about the Russian invasion. The headline is that Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN’s offensive remains stuck, and he is now looking for outside help.

Highlights …

— All in. “Nearly 100%” of the pre-staged Russian forces are now inside Ukraine.