U.S. Government Emails Hacked in Suspected Chinese Espionage Campaign

From a Wall Street Journal story by Dustin Volz, Robert McMillan, and Warren P. Strobel headlined “U.S. Government Emails Hacked in Suspected Chinese Espionage Campaign”:

Hackers linked to China breached email accounts at more than two dozen organizations including some U.S. government agencies, officials and Microsoft researchers said, part of a suspected cyber-espionage campaign to access data in sensitive computer networks.

The new penetration has prompted alarm among some officials and security researchers and is being viewed as part of an espionage campaign that potentially compromised valuable information belonging to the U.S. government, according to people familiar with the matter. Senior Western intelligence officials have grown increasingly worried in recent years about the ability of Chinese hackers to orchestrate especially impressive and stealthy attacks that in some cases have been able to evade detection for years.