Jack Shafer: The Old Twitter Is Doomed But Musk Still Might Save It

From a Jack Shafer Fourth Estate column on politico.com headlined “The Old Twitter Is Doomed”:

Is Elon Musk now running Twitter, or is he running it into the ground? His many critics have rushed to the barricades to denounce the self-described “Chief Twit,” less than a week into his tenure. You have celebrities announcing their Twitter departures. A top Democrat calling for a national security investigation into a Saudi conglomerate’s investment in the social media site. Another Democrat predicting Twitter will turn into a “sewer of hateful and harmful content.” European regulators throwing their arms in the air over the purchase. Analysts saying the debt load Musk assumed to buy Twitter might sink it. Horselaughs erupting at the news of his plan to charge verified account users $19.99 a month (whittled down to $8 a month after a quick Musk rethink).