James Poniewozik: On TV, Real Life Is Hot, Hot, Hot, Baby

From a New York Times story by James Poniewozik headlined “On TV, the Truth Hurts”:

As seen on the news, real life right now is heartbreaking, terrifying, depressing and exhausting. But as entertainment? Real life is hot, hot, hot, baby!

The first few months of 2022 in TV have been a nonstop pageant of ripped-from-reality series. That juicy magazine feature you read a few years ago? It’s a show now: “Pam & Tommy” (based on a Rolling Stone article), “The Girl from Plainville” (Esquire), “Inventing Anna” (New York). We’ve gotten three series about disgraced tech moguls, based on a book and two podcasts. We’re getting the Julia Roberts Watergate story, “Gaslit,” based on another podcast. “The Thing About Pam,” based on a “Dateline” investigation. “Joe vs. Carole,” based on — no, not the Netflix “Tiger King” docu-series you’re thinking of but the “Tiger King” podcast you may have binged after you watched it.