New Trump Documentary Shows What He’s So Good At

From a story on by Joanna Weiss headlined “The New Trump Documentary Shows Us Exactly What He’s So Good At”:

Spoilers first: When it comes to breaking news, “Unprecedented,” the new documentary series about the Trump family that’s streaming on Discovery Plus, is kind of a nothingburger. Despite the hype about deep access to Donald Trump and his three oldest children after the 2020 election — a possibility so tantalizing that it earned filmmaker Alex Holder a subpoena from the House committee investigating January 6 — there are few stunning revelations or exciting hot-mic moments. Yes, Holder sits down with the Trumps for extended interviews and trails them into campaign events, but everyone is on guard throughout: cagey, polite, careful with their words. Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric decline to speak about the day the Capitol was stormed. Even Trump himself, once the undisputed king of Twitter all-caps, states his grievances with a calm and measured voice: “I assumed it would be a straight-up election and it wasn’t. It was very unfair.”