About the Threats to—Including the Killing of—Journalists

From CJR’s The Media Today by Jon Allsop:

ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, the body of Jeff German, an investigative reporter at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, was found outside his home. He had been stabbed to death in an altercation nearly twenty-four hours earlier, police said. His colleagues’ first story on his killing detailed his long career (he was sixty-nine when he died) covering organized crime, gambling, mass shootings, and much more; recently, the story noted, he had “exposed failures in city inspections before the deadly Alpine Motel Apartments fire in 2019; claims of bullying, hostility and mismanagement at the Clark County’s public administrator’s office; and extremist activity in Southern Nevada.” Geoff Schumacher, who was one of German’s editors in his prior job at the Las Vegas Sunand now works for the city’s Mob Museum, told the Review-Journal that German “was not someone who it was, ‘Maybe I’ll be a reporter for a while and then I’ll go do something else.’ He was a reporter probably from birth to death. Ink was running very heavily in his veins.”