The Queen’s Beloved Corgis Were Always Near—What Happens to Them Now?

From a Washington Post story by Derek Hawkins headlined “The queen’s beloved corgis were always near. What happens to them now?”:

They roamed Buckingham Palace as if they owned the place.

Royal chefs prepared their meals. Psychologists treated them, biographers documented their lives. They slept in cushioned wicker baskets. At Christmas, they each got their own stocking.

The many corgis owned by Queen Elizabeth II over her seven-decade reign were furry little monarchs in their own right, as iconic as her flamboyant hats and her wicked sense of humor. In her lifetime, she had more than 30 of the squat herding dogs, with names like Plover, Disco and Mint. A gaggle of them trotted ahead of her wherever she went, in what Princess Diana once described, perhaps not so affectionately, as “a moving carpet.”