How a Former Florida Political Operative Broke the Mar-a-Lago FBI story

From a Washington Post story by Elahe Izadi headlined “How a former Florida political operative broke the Mar-a-Lago FBI story”:

The text came from someone Peter Schorsch knew from his many years in Florida political circles.

“Yyyyyuuuuugggggeeeee scoop,” his source wrote on Monday afternoon.

Intrigued, Schorsch, a former political operative who is now the publisher of the website, picked up the phone, expecting to hear a tip about Sunshine State resident Donald Trump. Perhaps the former president had dropped by a local business or something? He and the tipster traded gossip and chitchat for about 20 minutes before turning to the topic at hand. “Oh, by the way,” the person said, “did you know Mar-a-Lago is being raided right now?”