We Need to Rediscover the Lost Art of Tolerance

From a Washington Post column by Gary Abernathy headlined “Americans need to rediscover the lost art of tolerance”:

As the United States grows more racially, culturally and politically fractionalized, let’s acknowledge the obvious: Our diversity does not automatically make us stronger, as politicians and activists sometimes proclaim, but is a major contributor to our polarization. Our best hope for civil coexistence is rediscovering the lost art of tolerance.

Cataloguing all the examples of America’s sweeping multiculturalism is an impossible endeavor. We have enormous diversity of identity: White. Black. Hispanic. Asian. Native American. Straight. Gay. Trans. Nonbinary. More significant is our diversity of beliefs. Pro-choice. Pro-life. Conservatives. Liberals. MAGA Republicans. Democratic socialists. Never-Trumpers. Moderates. Libertarians. Gun enthusiasts. Gun-control advocates. Climate activists. Fossil fuel defenders. Christians. Jews. Muslims. Atheists. And more.