The Film “Golda” Is a Gritty Warning About the Cost of Victory

From a film review in The Times of Israel by Matt Goldberg headlined “Not your standard biopic, ‘Golda’ is a gritty warning about the cost of victory”:

You can tell a biopic is ahead of the curve when it’s not interested in a cradle-to-the-grave story of its subject. Life is messy and never fits the structure of a three-act movie. So it’s with savvy that director Guy Nattiv uses “Golda” to look at Israeli prime minister Golda Meir not through her entire life, but through the crucible of the Yom Kippur War. What’s more, rather than being a simple tale of triumph over adversity, “Golda” is a story about the costs of leadership and the human mistakes our leaders make along the way.