Telling the Stories of Reporters Who Can’t

From a story on CJR’s The Media Today by Kyle Pope headlined “Telling the stories of reporters who can’t”:

In September 2017, Gauri Lankesh, a journalist in Bangalore, India, was working on an editorial for Gauri Lankesh Patrike, her eponymous weekly newspaper, headlined “In the Age of False News.” The editorial tackled what Lankesh referred to as India’s “lie-factories”—websites that spread disinformation and hate, (including against her) that, she wrote, were subsequently weaponized by politicians, including in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Before the article could run, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet to hide his face fatally shot Lankesh in the driveway of her home. (At least one other man was present at the scene.) A year later, Siddhartha Deb put the killing in context in a story for CJR: