In Defense of Stories With Happy Endings

From a story on by Sarah McCoy headlined “In Defense of the Literary Happily Ever After”:

Our communal obsession with fairytale endings transcends generations, geography, languages, and the rise and fall of romantic cynicism. I argue that there’s something in our human DNA that seeks the Happily Ever After (HEA).

Sure, we dress it up in different names: the American Dream, Shangri-La, Garden of Eden, Elysium, Mecca, Heaven, Zion, Avalon, Valhalla, and the list goes on. Proof that this isn’t a new fixation. It’s had time to develop multiple personalities. A wide selection of fabled roads lead to HEA. Along the way, it has gained an incalculable following of true believers. Or, at the very least, those who want to believe….