Steve Jenkins: His Children’s Books Brought Science to Life

From a New York Times obit by Penelope Green headlined “Steve Jenkins, 69, Dies; His Children’s Books Brought Science to Life”:

Steve Jenkins, an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator whose passion for science, as well as his meticulous and vibrant cut-paper collages, brought the natural world to life, died in Boulder, Colo….

How many ways can you catch a fly? And who eats flies, anyway? Why do turtles clean hippopotamuses, and how? What do you do if you work at the zoo? What do baby animals do the day they’re born? How do animals talk to each other? How do birds make a nest? His books, often written with his wife, Robin Page, answered the sort of questions, posed by children (as well as still-curious grown-ups), about animals and the world around them.