These Award Winners Started Nonprofits With Purpose—After Turning 50

From a Washington Post story by Tara Bahrampour headlined “These award winners started nonprofits with purpose—after turning 50”:

Twelve years ago, D.C. native Imani Woody pulled her father out of a nursing home and brought him home after realizing the facility was understaffed and that he was declining. The experience sparked a mission.

“It just kind of jolted me awake,” said Woody, 70, who is a lesbian. “He has enough pennies, he has advocates, he has me and my wife, he has his wife — and he’s cisgender,” she said. “So I was thinking, what would an openly gay man do, or if this person was a trans person or a lesbian?” LGBTQ seniors often have fewer resources and less family support than cisgender people, she said, adding that they often return to the closet to avoid discrimination in senior facilities.