Teen Spelling Bee Champion Commits to Spell For UCLA

From a story on theonion.com headlined “Teen Spelling Bee Champion Commits to Spell For UCLA”:

Following a successful secondary school career that has seen her take home first-place trophies at county, state, and regional spelling bees, local champion speller Amelia Perez will go on to spell for the University of California, Los Angeles, officials at the college announced.

“We’re thrilled that Amelia has agreed to join us as a Bruin, and we can’t wait to see what this incredible young talent brings to our Division I spelling team,” said UCLA head spelling coach Karen Esposito, who posed with Perez as the 13-year-old signed a letter of intent with the university, one of several that intensely recruited the young speller, offering her full scholarships and taking her family out for lavish steak dinners.