The Rise of the Large Regional Newspaper Barons

From a story on the State of Local News by Greg Burns headlined “The Rise of the Large Regional Newspaper Barons”:

During the heyday of print newspapers, big-shot media moguls were practically kingmakers, using their resources to shape public opinion about everything from elections to wars.

Jeremy Gulban of CherryRoad Technologies, on the other hand, mainly wants to use his dozens of newspapers to make a modest profit, build his company’s brand and find new customers for its technology services.

Sir Ray Tindle: Media Group Owner Who Rescued More Than 200 Local Newspapers

From an obit on by Martin Wainwright headlined “Sir Ray Tindle: Energetic and popular media group owner who rescued more than 200 local newspapers”:

Sir Ray Tindle, who has died aged 95, was the buoyantly enthusiastic rescuer of more than 200 local newspapers in the UK and a philanthropist of imagination and charm. He harnessed his lifelong energy to a model of ultra-local news, trim private ownership and an absolute ban on borrowing money – in the process defying Jeremiahs in the industry for more than 60 years.