How Sally Buzbee Is Putting Her Stamp on The Washington Post

From a Vanity Fair story by Charlotte Klein headlined “‘I’m Going to be Open Even If Sometimes That’s Messy: How Sally Buzbee Is Putting Her Stamp on the Washington Post”:

On a recent July morning, roughly 250 Washington Post staffers met to discuss the state of democracy, and specifically, how the paper is covering it. The Post, which proclaimed “Democracy Dies in Darkness” as its official slogan during the Trump years, and won a Pulitzer this past spring for its January 6 coverage, recently created a nine-person Democracy team within the National desk, adding reporters in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin—swing states on the front lines of the battle over voting rights. “The Democracy team is specifically focused on the idea that what is happening is an erosion of trust and attacks on the credibility of the election system in the U.S.,” executive editor Sally Buzbee told me during a recent visit to her office.