How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Changed the World

From a Wall Street Journal Politics & Ideas column by William A. Galston headlined “How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Changed the World”:

Events in the past week show how the invasion of Ukraine has forced the major powers both to reconsider their relations with Russia and to rethink how to pursue their long-term interests.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a face-to-face rebuke to Vladimir Putin, despite his country’s near-total dependence on Russian weaponry and its interest in maintaining a close relationship with Moscow as a counterweight to Beijing: “Today’s era is not an era of war,” he said, “and I have spoken to you on the phone about this.”

The Latest Journalism on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

From The Poynter Report with Tom Jones:

The headlines on Wednesday continued to paint a grim picture in Ukraine.

CNN’s website blared, “Ukraine reels from brutal Russian onslaught.”

Similar headlines could be seen on the homepages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, and on and on.

It has now been a week since Russia invaded Ukraine, and no end appears in sight. On Wednesday, Kherson became the first major Ukrainian city to be overtaken by the Russians. Disturbingly, it might not be the last city to fall.