Roger Whittaker: Whistling Balladeer Who Found Global Fame

From a Washington Post obit by Harrison Smith headlined “Roger Whittaker, whistling balladeer who found global fame, dies at 87”:

Roger Whittaker, an avuncular singer-songwriter whose soothing baritone, virtuosic whistling and gentle interpretations of pop standards earned him an international following for more than four decades, died in France.

Mr. Whittaker, who was born to British parents in colonial Kenya, sold an estimated 50 million albums worldwide, becoming a staple of easy-listening charts while cultivating a sunny and often sentimental folk-pop sound. Although he was considered a one-hit wonder in the United States, where his song “The Last Farewell” peaked at No. 19 in 1975, he had a devoted fan base across Europe and especially in Germany, where he toured regularly and released songs in German — recorded phonetically, he said, because he couldn’t speak the language.