In the Battle With Robots, Human Workers Are Winning

From a New York Times column by Farhad Manjoo headlined “In the Battle With Robots, Human Workers Are Winning”:

Why do I still have a job?

It’s a question readers ask me often, but I mean it more universally: Why do so many of us still have jobs?

It’s 2022, and computers keep stunning us with their achievements. Artificial intelligence systems are writing, drawing, creating videos, diagnosing diseases, dreaming up new molecules for medicine and doing much else to make their parents very proud. Yet somehow we sacks of meat — though prone to exhaustion, distraction, injury and sometimes spectacular error — remain in high demand. How did this happen? Weren’t humans supposed to have been replaced by now — or at least severely undermined by the indefatigable go-getter robots who were said to be gunning for our jobs?