Prigozhin Ally Says Plane Crash Shows Russian Leadership Can’t be Trusted

From a Washington Post story by Robyn Dixon and Francesca Ebel headlined “Prigozhin ally says plane crash shows Russian leadership can’t be trusted”:

A close confidant of Wagner Group leader Yevgeniy Prigozhin said the plane crash that killed the mercenary boss and two top aides last month might have been an internal hit, showing that “no one [in Russian leadership] can be trusted” — and no one is safe.

Maksim Shugalei, one of Prigozhin’s trusted political influence peddlers, is the first member of his inner circle to speak publicly of possible government involvement in the Aug. 23 crash that killed all 10 passengers and crew aboard. Many in Russia’s elite are convinced it was an assassination ordered by the Kremlin. Russian authorities have strongly denied any role.