Politicians Choke on Food and Drink Issues

From a Wall Street Journal story by Kristina Peterson headlined “Political Candidates Choke on Food, Drink Issues”:

For decades, Joe O’Dea poured his beer over ice in peace. Then he ran for the U.S. Senate.

Controversy bubbled over when word spread that the Colorado Republican sipped Michelob Ultra in a glass of ice during an interview. The partisan outrage spilled in a state awash in craft breweries, 428 at last count.

Sen. John Hickenlooper (D., Colo.), who founded a well-known Denver brewpub, tweeted about the beer-drinking apostasy. Within hours, the campaign of Mr. O’Dea’s Democratic opponent, Sen. Michael Bennet, began selling beer koozies proclaiming, “There’s No Ice In This Beer.”