Isolation, Gaslighting, and Hypocrisy: Looking at Playboy and Hugh Hefner’s Legacy

From a Washington Post story by Bethonie Butler headlined “Isolation, gaslighting, and tremendous hypocrisy:  ‘Secrets of Playboy’ grapples with Hugh Hefner’s legacy”:

In summer 2005, E! offered viewers a rare look inside the Playboy Mansion with a reality show about three women, all blond, who were dating Hugh Hefner, the then-near-octogenarian founder of Playboy magazine. The series, which would run for six seasons, introduced viewers to Holly Madison, who described herself as “Hef’s No. 1 girlfriend.” As Madison recalled moving into the sprawling Gothic-Tudor just two days after her and Hefner’s first date, she mused, “I guess you could say we were made for each other.”

A Docuseries Explores the Dark Side of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire

From a story on by Brian Lowry headlined “”Secrets of Playboy’ pulls back the curtain on the dark side of Hugh Hefner’s empire”:

The Playboy mystique and Hugh Hefner’s legacy receive a serious debunking in “Secrets of Playboy,” a 10-part A&E network docuseries that explores the dark side of the lifestyle Hefner sought to embody. Somewhat bloated in its format, there are plenty of disturbing revelations scattered here for those with the patience to reach them.