Wilbur Smith: “He wrote adventure novels and historical thrillers that examined lust, greed and violence.”

From a Washington Post obit by Harrison Smith headlined “Wilbur Smith, best-selling author of African adventure tales, dies at 88”:

Wilbur Smith, whose swashbuckling adventure novels and historical thrillers examined lust, greed and violence — usually in the hills and savannas of southern Africa — and made him a fixture of bestseller lists, died at his home in Cape Town, South Africa….

Mr. Smith’s novels were filled with bloodshed, bodice ripping and exotic settings, transporting readers to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, a salvage ship in the frigid South Sea and elephant hunts in Zimbabwe. While his books were usually only modestly successful in the United States, they were translated into some 30 languages and found a devoted audience in Britain and Italy, selling more than 140 million copies worldwide.