Norwegian Writer Jon Fosse Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

From a Washington Post story by Jill Pellettieri headlined “Norwegian writer Jon Fosse receives the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature”:

The Norwegian novelist and playwright Jon Fosse has won the Nobel Prize for literature, the Swedish Academy announced, for works that “give voice to the unsayable.” .

“Fosse’s magnum opus is his ‘Septology’ in three books,” a representative of the Academy said, “completed in 2021, in which an elderly artist speaks to himself as another person” over the course of seven days. The critic Merve Emre, writing in a profile of Fosse for the New Yorker in 2022, said: “To read Fosse’s plays and novels is to enter into communion with a writer whose presence one feels all the more intensely owing to his air of reserve, his withdrawal.” And: “ ‘Septology’ is the only novel I have read that has made me believe in the reality of the divine.”