Jack Shafer: Your Newspaper’s Not Making Money? Make It Permanent as a Nonprofit!

From a Jack Shafer Fourth Estate column on politico.com headlined “Your Newspaper’s Not Making Money? Make It Permanent as a Nonprofit!”:

If you had predicted in 1970, the year of NPR’s founding, that someday a public radio station would acquire a big city daily, you would have been told to type your weird prophecy up and sell it to Amazing Stories magazine. But just such a deal went down in Chicago, where Chicago Public Media, the proprietors of NPR-affiliate WBEZ, said that it would take on the foundering Chicago Sun-Times as a nonprofit subsidiary.

Margaret Sullivan: If Local Journalism Survives, Give Evan Smith Some Credit for It

From a Washington Post story by media columnist Margaret Sullivan headlined “If local journalism manages to survive, give Evan Smith some credit for it”:

When Evan Smith co-founded the Texas Tribune back in 2009, digital-first nonprofit newsrooms were something of a rarity. There was ProPublica, only two years old at the time, MinnPost in Minneapolis, the Voice of San Diego, and a few others.

So his move from top editor of the award-winning Texas Monthly magazine, at the urging of venture capitalist John Thornton, was considered slightly bizarre.