News Update on the War in Ukraine

From a New York Times update by Andrew E. Kramer on the war in Ukraine:

LYSYCHANSK, Ukraine — Just to move about town, Ukrainian soldiers accelerate to breakneck speeds in their SUVs, screech around corners, zip into courtyards, then pile out and run for cover.

“They see us and they open fire,” Colonel Yuriy Vashchuk said of the need to move quickly or become a vulnerable target for Russian artillery. “There’s no place in this town that is safe.”

Politico’s News Update on the War in Ukraine



— “An international organization formed to identify the dead and missing from the 1990s Balkan conflicts is preparing to send a team of forensics experts to Ukraine as the death toll mounts more than six weeks into the war caused by Russia’s invasion. Authorities in Kyiv have reached out to the International Commission on Missing Persons to help put names to bodies that might otherwise remain anonymous amid the fog of war,” AP’s Mike Corder reports.

— Ukrainians are still desperately searching for their family members in Mariupol, WSJ’s Dan Frosch and Ian Lovett write.