All the News That’s Eye-Wateringly Expensive to Print

From a story on by Jon Allsop headlined “All the news that’s eye-wateringly expensive to print”:

LAST WEEK, Brier Dudley, the editor of the Save the Free Press Initiative at the Seattle Times, raised an alarm about a sharp, if mundane-sounding, threat to local newspapers in the US: the cost of the actual paper they’re printed on, which has climbed more than thirty percent in two years. The spike, Dudley wrote, has in no small part been precipitated by diminishing newsprint production amid the longer-term decline of print newspapers, with newsprint mills shuttering or pivoting to produce more lucrative types of paper, not least packaging for companies like Amazon; in Washington State alone, two of three mills that, until recently, churned out newsprint now make less or none, with one refitted to mine cryptocurrency. Such industry-specific factors, along with malign forces in the wider economy, have combined to exacerbate what was already a perilous moment for printed local papers. “Everyone is affected by the rising cost of necessities,” Dudley wrote. “It’s even worse when you’re already on the edge of bankruptcy.”