CNN’s Late Night Coverage of Ukraine and Russia

From CNN’s Reliable Sources:

“We need to bring you these facts”

The war in Ukraine is entering “something of a new phase,” Jake Tapper said Monday – a new phase “where the world is being confronted with new images and survivor testimony of the horrors Vladimir Putin and his army are inflicting on the people of this country.”

Tapper anchored “The Lead” from Lviv, Ukraine. “Ukrainian forces were able to liberate the town of Bucha over the weekend, just outside the capital of Kyiv, to the west,” he said, “just about 300 or so, 325 miles from where I’m standing. Closer than San Francisco is to Los Angeles. Closer than Corpus Christi is to Dallas. Bucha was once known as a bedroom community outside Kyiv but it may now be known for something else. Something terrible.”