Can News Be Made Into a Sustainable Business?

From a New York Times story headlined “Can News Be Made Into a Sustainable Business?”:

This article is part of our special section on the DealBook Summit that included business and policy leaders from around the world.

Moderator: Marc Lacey, managing editor, The New York Times. Participants: Sarah Alvarez, editor in chief, Outlier Media; Edward Felsenthal, editor in chief and executive chairman, Time; Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief, The Atlantic; Errin Haines, editor at large, The 19th; Stephen Hayes, chief executive and editor, The Dispatch; Sara Just, senior executive producer, “PBS NewsHour”; William Kristol, director, The Bulwark; David Remnick, editor, The New Yorker; Danielle Weisberg, co-founder and co-chief executive, theSkimm; Lauren Williams, chief executive and co-founder, Capital B.