Mike DeBonis Leaves Washington Post to Become Editor of Politico’s Playbook

News release from politico.com:

Announcement from Executive Editor Dafna Linzer and Managing Editor Mike Zapler:

We’re thrilled to announce a major addition to POLITICO’s biggest franchise: Mike DeBonis, a star congressional and national politics reporter for the Washington Post, is joining us to become the new editor of Playbook.

Mike brings savvy, impeccable instincts and a wealth of experience to the role. Since 2015, he’s reported on party leadership, congressional committees, political organizations and key campaigns spanning four election cycles. As the Post’s lead House correspondent during the Trump administration and lead Senate correspondent since, he has covered two impeachments, five Supreme Court nominations, the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and numerous leadership races, as well as the drafting of major tax, health care, covid relief, and, recently, gun violence legislation.