He Dissected Trump—Now Michael Wolff Performs an Autopsy on Fox News

From a New York Times book review by A.O. Scott headlined “He Dissected Trump. Now Michael Wolff Performs an Autopsy on Fox News.”:

Michael Wolff’s new book is a chronicle of very recent events that starts with something that hasn’t happened yet: the death of Rupert Murdoch, who as of this writing is 92 and very much alive. A prologue in the form of a deadpan mock obituary — by far the most sober and judicious stretch of pages in this cornucopia of innuendo and convoluted prose — sets up a headlong tumble through 18 months of uncertainty and upheaval at Fox News and among its custodians in the Murdoch family. A story of chaotic corporate stewardship and generational conflict unfolds in the shadow of a looming actuarial certainty.