Margaret Sullivan: ” If our democracy is going to survive, the media must make this crucial shift”

From a Washington Post story by media columnist Margaret Sullivan headlined “If American democracy is going to survive, the media must make this crucial shift”:

In the year since the Jan. 6 insurrection, mainstream journalists have done a lot of things right. They’ve published major investigations, pointed out politicians’ lies and, in many cases, finally learned how to clearly communicate the facts of what happened leading up to that horrendous riot at the U.S. Capitol — and what is happening now as pro-Trump Republicans steadily chip away at the checks and balances that saved American democracy last year.

Ben Smith: “A Film Comedy Nails the Media Apocalypse”

From a Ben Smith Media Equation story in the New York Times headlined “A Comedy Nails the Media Apocalypse”:

After the president, a former nude model, tries to cover up a major discovery, two astronomers leak the news to a New York newspaper known for its Gothic banner, which the new film “Don’t Look Up” calls The New York Herald: A comet is going to destroy the earth in six months.

In a Difficult Year for the Media, Poynter Staffers on What They’re Thankful for This Year

From a Poynter Report post headlined “At the end of another difficult year in the media, Poynter staffers offer their thoughts on what they’re thankful for this year”:

Kristen Hare, local news faculty:

I’m grateful for local journalists every year, but this year I’m really grateful for several organizations that serve them: LION, INN and LMA.

Tom Jones at The Poynter Report: Who influenced the media this week?

The Poynter Report with Tom Jones asks “Who influenced the media this week?”:

How Elizabeth Holmes Soured the Media on Silicon Valley: “Now her rise and fall has been laid out in painstaking detail.”

From a New York Times story by Erin Griffith and Erin Woo headlined “How Elizabeth Holmes Soured the Media on Silicon Valley”:

SAN JOSE, Calif. — At the height of her acclaim in 2015, Elizabeth Holmes, the entrepreneur who founded the blood testing start-up Theranos, was named Glamour’s “Woman of the Year.” Time put her on its list of 100 luminaries. And she graced the covers of Fortune, Forbes, Inc. and T Magazine.

Theranos collapsed in scandal three years later, failing in its mission to revolutionize the health care industry. But it did change the world in another way: It helped sour the media on Silicon Valley.

Five Ideas in Action at Successful Media Companies Around the World

From a story on by Damian Radcliffe headlined “Innovation in practice: 5 ideas in action at successful media companies around the world”:

Principle 1: The Value of Niche

There was a point where the mainstream media industry believed scale was taking marginally valuable audiences and trying to make them bigger. We’ve done the opposite,” Sean Griffey, CEO and co-founder of Industry Dive, told Axios recently.

“This is a company that has taken a ridiculously simple idea — that ‘the real value in business media is in niche, highly targeted audiences’ — and then replicated it profitably multiple times,” observes Rishad Patel, the co-founder of Splice Media in Singapore.