Marvin Josephson: A Major Behind-the-Scenes Force Representing Actors, Directors, and Authors

From a New York Times obit by Neil Genzlinger headlined “Marvin Josephson, Who Scored Big Deals for Stars, Dies at 95”:

Marvin Josephson’s beginnings as a talent agent in the mid-1950s were humble, to say the least. His main client was Bob Keeshan, the children’s television performer who, with Mr. Josephson’s help, would become known far and wide as Captain Kangaroo.

It wasn’t much of a foothold, but it was enough to start a career that would make Mr. Josephson a major behind-the-scenes force representing actors, directors, authors and more. In 1977, 22 years after he started his personal management agency and two years after his thriving company established a subsidiary called International Creative Management, which became an industry giant, a newspaper headline neatly summed up his reach: “Want to Make a Million? Hire Marvin Josephson.”