Making Journalism Work for Those Not Born Into an Elite Class

From a Columbia Journalism Review story by Alissa Quart headlined “Making journalism work for those not born into an elite class”:

When Bobbi Dempsey was finding her footing in her career as a freelance journalist, she could feel a stark distance between herself and her editors. They assumed, for instance, that her town in agrarian Pennsylvania, where she lived and worked, had high-speed Internet. (Back then, it did not.) ​Dempsey, who’s now fifty-two, felt that she was fighting a “constant battle” to prove the value of covering a “random rural area, from a reporting standpoint.” Her opponent, she felt, was a kind of editorial bias, financial but also cultural. She’d long wanted editors to “make clear that they value the insight that I and other writers with our experience can offer.” But these sorts of endorsements were few and far between.