Magazine Covers That Push the Conversation

From an Inside the Times column by Libby Peterson headlined “Covers That Push the Conversation”:

The creative director of The New York Times Magazine explains her team’s approach to visualizing each issue and shares how they decide to take risks.

Asked how far in advance she works on a cover of The New York Times Magazine, Gail Bichler paused to let herself be amused by the question, laughed and said: “Like, what do I want it to be?”

In Journalism, What Words Sell?

By Jack Limpert

One goal of my life as a magazine editor was to sell lots of copies on the newsstand. If you could get someone to buy a newsstand copy, they then might subscribe and subscription renewals are one key to a magazine’s financial health. So what cover subjects and cover lines will sell?

People magazine was a newsstand star for many years and its founding editor, Dick Stolley, once came up with his laws of magazine covers. A little tongue-in-cheek but pretty accurate: