In Bastions of Faded Glamour, Luxury Magazine Employees Opt for Unions

From a New York Times story by Ginia Bellafante headlined “In Bastions of Faded Glamour, Employees Opt for Unions”:

On an August night in 1999, roughly 800 guests traveled by boat from Lower Manhattan to gather at the Statue of Liberty for an event to celebrate the debut of Talk magazine, the new venture from the celebrated editor Tina Brown. The party quickly took on a mythic distinction in the city’s social history as a fin de siècle assemblage of Those Who Mattered, when print media still had the cachet to make those determinations. Madonna was there — so, too, were Michael Eisner, Queen Latifah, Kate Moss, Tom Brokaw, Jerry Seinfeld and Manhattan’s most prominent publishing figures. The uninvited needed years to recover.